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Yogi M P Singh
Matter is concerned with the illogical dispose of the matter by District Magistrate Varanasi concerned with MGKVP University Varanasi on the august portal Jansunwai of government of Uttar Pradesh as well as matter is concerned with the serious allegations of corruption. Now a days Jansunwai portal of Government of Uttar Pradesh has strange behaviour and not loading completely. Matter concerned with MGKVP sent to Moinuddin Urdu university. Matter of fact is concerned illogical and ambiguous conclusion of the district magistrate Varanasi in the complaint number-60000190043876 as he compromised with the large scale corruption by accepting the bogus report of committee of management in cryptic manner. आवेदन का विवरण शिकायत संख्या60000190043876 आवेदक कर्ता का नाम:Yogi M. P. Singh आवेदक कर्ता का मोबाइल न०:7379105911, विषय:Matter is concerned with the illegal and arbitrary grievance redressal of complaint registered as complaint number-60000190019309 on the Jansunwai portal of the government of Uttar Pradesh. It is unfortunate that Vice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith Varanasi and senior accountable staffs of department of Higher Education, Govt of Uttar Pradesh accepted blindly the bogus inconsistent report of the wrongdoer staff of the University. Representation is herewith attached. Vide the attached PDF documents. नियत तिथि:31 - May - 2019 शिकायत की स्थिति: निस्तारित Manager, Pushpa Singh Vidhi Mahavidyalaya said Fee receipt is falls given by Compaliner. File attached for your knowledge. If you are not satisfied please resend your opinion with true evidence. Sir according to Manager of aforementioned college-Fee receipt is false but claim of the applicant is that submitted fee receipt of the applicant is perfectly genuine but fee receipt submitted by the management of the college fully illegible but most surprising is that District Magistrate Varanasi could take the perusal of those illegible fee receipts of the committee of management of the aforementioned college but it is unfortunate that he remained incompetent to take the perusal of genuine well scanned fee receipts of the applicant as well as contents of the grievance. Whether it is not corruption reflecting in the working of the district Magistrate Varanasi. फीडबैक :दिनांक 10/05/2019को फीडबैक:- आवश्यक कार्यवाही करने का कष्ट करें एवं आख्या प्रेषित करें फीडबैक की स्थिति:जिलाधिकारी द्वारा दिनाक 10/05/2019 को कार्यवाही C- श्रेणीकृत कर दी गयी है It is most surprising that illegible report was not accepted by District Magistrate Varanasi after the submission of feedback but later same report was accepted why. Whether it is not cryptic approach of the district Magistrate Varanasi? It is most unfortunate that submissions of the grievances are untouched in the report which is reflecting the inscrutable face of sphinx.
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दिनांक30-09-2019 को फीडबैक:- शिकायत संख्या 60000190128222आवेदककर्ता का नाम: Yogi M P Singh Sir, undoubtedly you have understood the contents of the grievance but it is unfortunate that you have taken near about six months in order to understand it. Here I don’t want to forget the Latin maxim that Justice delayed is justice denied. Think about the gravity of the situation that you Hon’ble Sir is procrastinating on the matter for six months because you could not understand the concept and now planning to procrastinate in the name of seeking an explanation. Even a common man can understand that matter is concerned with the deep-rooted corruption by taking concerned public functionaries in good faith but those redressing the grievance still could not understand. Whether justice is available in this largest democracy in the world where a public-spirited individual is tortured by putting a substanceless bogus report on the august portal of the government of Uttar Pradesh? Now in the wide public interest, it must be revealed by the concerned public staff that how much time will be taken in obtaining an explanation from the erring institution.
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1 अंतरित लोक शिकायत अनुभाग - 1(मुख्यमंत्री कार्यालय ) 06-09-2019 कृपया शीघ्र नियमानुसार कार्यवाही किये जाने की अपेक्षा की गई है।जिलाधिकारी-वाराणसी, 24-09-2019 प्रकरण में सम्बन्धित अधिकारी द्वारा कृत कार्यवाही की आख्या संलग्न है। निस्तारित
2 आख्या जिलाधिकारी ( ) 09-09-2019 आवश्यक कार्यवाही करने का कष्ट करें एवं आख्या प्रेषित करेंरजिस्ट्रार -महात्मा गाँधी काशी विद्यापीठ, वाराणसी 23-09-2019 Answer file attached as per given by Affiliation Department of University निस्तारित