Jansunwai - Basic Concept

Samadhan is an integrated system for grievance redressal in Uttar Pradesh to achieve the goal of good governance using latest technology involving all stakeholders. A citizen can freely and conveniently file a grievance, track the grievance lodged on all important platform and receive response to his satisfaction both in terms of quality and time. Along with lodging of complaints, citizen can also interact with Government/Departments/Offices in an easy and transparent manner. Complaints from all sources will be available on a single platform to all departments which will improve access, redressal & monitoring.

Status at a glance

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Jansunwai- Android App

for Citizen & Officers

  1. Jansunwai android app has been developed to acheive the goal of mobile governance .
  2. A citizen can freely and conveniently file and track grievance through this mobile app.
  3. Departmental officers can also conveniently find grievances sent to them and work on them through this app.

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